Workplace Gratitude and Appreciation, in times of COVID-19

Staying healthy and sharp as product managers

As we WFH to curb the spread of COVID-19, staying healthy, connected, and (dare I say) motivated to do good work is a topic topic amongst product managers and people leaders.

I want to share 4 quotes, from “The Great CEO Within”, that reminded me of the importance of showing appreciation and giving positive feedback.

While both are good practices whether we WFH, I think being explicit about gratitude and appreciate is in times of stress is especially important.

Four quotes to keep us grounded:

1) “We perform our best when we are having fun and feeling good about ourselves.”

2) “Being grateful doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly ignore all the areas of your life or your company that could use improvement. Just the opposite. It only means that you’ll bring an attitude of joy, as opposed to desperation, when addressing those areas.” 🙏

3) “Appreciation is simply an outward extension of a gratitude. in gratitude, you speak to yourself. In appreciation, you speak to others.”

4) “When receiving appreciation, theres’s only 1 correct response “Thank you”. Do not feign humility by downplaying the act. The person is trying to make you feel appreciated. Anything other than “thank you” will rob them of their goal.”

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