From product discovery, vision & priorities, to scrappy MVP, and lots of adjustments in between 😎

Prepare your mindset: embrace scrappiness and rapid learning

Team Building

About me


Life trajectory change #1: immigrating to the U.S.

Curtesy of CB Insights

Staying healthy and sharp as product managers

The Product Management Team I’m grateful for at CB Insights

Leadership Development

Leadership development hacks for Product Managers

What is leadership?

How to level up: 5 levels of leadership

Calm as a tree
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Technique 1: Understand the Stages of Acceptance & Types of Resistance

Tough conversations are the bread and butter of Product Management, master them

Step 1: Prepare

1. How clear am I on what I want vs. DON’T want?

To focus and prioritize building what matters, we must learn to say ‘no’

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Saying ‘no’ frees you up to say ‘yes’ to what matters

Clarity creates better products, careers, and relationships

Luxi Huang, CFA

Product Leader with Growth ($5M-$60M+ ARR) and Seed stage experience. a curious soul who believes in hard work and ‘paying it forward’; reader, skier, wife.

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